Top 5 Summer Beauty Myths Busted!

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How much of a beauty expert are YOU? Are these myths or truths?


1)      Putting on two different SPFs adds up to higher sun protection.

Myth! If you mix 1 percent and 2 percent milk, you don’t get 3 percent. Same goes with sunscreen- they don’t add up! Instead slather on a sunscreen with a 30 or higher SPF for the best protection.


2)     It’s best to shave in the opposite direction of hair’s growth.

Truth! If you want a very close shave, this is true. However if you are prone to ingrown hairs, especially in the bikini area, shaving in the opposite direction will make it worse. This is because the hair could retract back into the skin for a few days after shaving. If this happens a lot, shave with the direction of the hair in that ingrown-prone area.


3)     Blackheads are a buildup of dirt in the pores.

Myth! Blackheads are actually caused by oil and dead skin cells getting trapped in the follicle on the way to the skin’s surface. It forms a plug that fills the pore and looks dark in color. If you’re prone to getting blackheads, use a salicylic acid cleanser and use our recommended product to really help prevent them altogether.


4)      Toothpaste ISN’T a safe way to get rid of a pimple.

Truth! Most beauty experts agree that this should be filed under “Department of Very Bad Ideas.” Although toothpaste may help dry out a zit, the fluoride in it can actually burn your skin. Try something safer and just as good with this home remedy: mix a little cornstarch and water and dabbing it on overnight. It will dry out without the burn!


5)      Tanning beds are less damaging than the sun because they only emit “tanning” rays.

Myth! Seriously, do people still believe this? What you’re REALLY exposed to are large amounts of aging UVA rays which lead to wrinkles, spots and possibly skin cancer. Stop the nonsense and get yourself professionally sprayed at Inner Beauty Skin Care – it is much safer, much more precise and looks pretty darn close to the real thing!


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How to Get Flawless A Look In Less Than 10 Minutes

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How to Get Flawless A Look In Less Than 10 Minutes


Now that it is dark in the mornings, thanks to Daylight Saving Time, you may be running a little late for school or work! Here is the perfect routine that will have you polished and ready in under 10 minutes…



These products go on fast and require no precision. Bonus, they work their magic during your commute.


Quench skin. One of the best things you can do after you wake up is to drink at least 16oz (500mL) of water. Water fires up your metabolism, hydrates you, helps your body flush out toxins, gives your brain fuel, pumps life back into your cells (directly affecting your skin) and may even make you eat less.


Perk up the eyes. If your eyes are itchy and bloodshot, rehydrate them with drops before bringing potentially irritating eye makeup anywhere near them.


Wake up your face. Even out your skin and bring it to life with liquid foundation. It reverses the look of tired skin almost instantly. Dot it in the center of your face, and blend outward. We suggest Glo Minerals – best foundation out there!


Pat on the peach. Coral blush is a subtle yet effective hue that will masks dullness. Use a cream formula that will melt into foundation and can be dabbed on as you brush your teeth.


Liven up the locks. Mist hair with texturizing spray, and throw it into a braid. Here are some great pins of easy do-it-yourself braids. This looks good in public and sets the scene for a more stylish, work-appropriate look later.




A little detailing — done right at your desk or locker –  will have you polished in no time!


Add dimension. Pat creamy highlighter onto the tops of your cheekbones and lids. It attracts light, hiding dullness and shadows. (Bonus: Cheekbones look higher without a lot of effort.)


Keep it simple and smudgy. Use a double-ended shadow liner that will let you create subtle definition with a pencil or shadow-filled sponge tip. Finish with mascara.


Bust out the balm. Lip balm or gloss require a lot less precision and still add life to those lips. Apply liberally.


Let down the locks. Undo the braid, tousle texture with your fingers, and spray roots with dry shampoo for extra volume.


Stay fresh! Spray that body mist all over for the final touch!



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How to Prep Your Skin and Hair for Spring Break

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How to Prep Your Skin and Hair for Spring Break


Spring break is around the corner! While you’re counting down the days, here’s how to prep your hair and skin for Spring Break fun in the sun!


Hair: Update your hair color, then take it up a notch: The more you color your hair and blow it dry, the more you’ll need a conditioning treatment to bring back in those nutrients. Healthy hair keeps color longer and doesn’t fade as quickly. If your hair is dry, color will fade faster. What to do:

  • Apply a leave-in mask or an oil and sleep with it overnight (it’s almost like putting moisturizer on your face) and the color will last A LOT longer.
  • Get some highlights! But not just blond, be daring and add a hint of  fun bright colors like pink, cherry red and ulatraviolet


Skin: Take care of your skin — now!: Winter probably left some havoc on your skin so now is the time to “re-birth” that beauty. What to do:

  • Make sure to exfoliate often now and liberally apply lotion (everywhere!) at least twice a day. To get all-over soft skin, the layers will come off when the temperature warms up (to the untrained eye of course – don’t worry, you debut a ‘Silence of The Lambs’ look!)
  • Drink Water: Water hydrates the skin and if you start now, you’ll help prevent the dehydration of skin later.
  • Spray Tan: This not only prevents sun damage on the skin, but it also provide full and even coverage all over the body without worrying about tan lines and redness. Don’t do at home if you really want it to look good – get a treatment by a professional. The professional can customize the tan according to the individual and monitor the shade much easier than the spray booths. Get one 2-3 days before your vacation begins.


Below: If you want a perfect and lasting bikini way, let your hair grow now.  What to do:

  • Stop shaving the hair in the area you want waxed for at least 14-20 days before your waxing service. The hair needs to be at least 1/4 inch long for the best results.
  • The waxing service should be done at least 48 hours before that areas sees the sun


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Why 78 Percent Of Women Spend An Hour A Day On Their Appearance

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Why 78 Percent Of Women Spend An Hour A Day On Their Appearance


According to this Huffington Post article, “a new Today/AOL “Ideal to Real” body image survey was released, and it shows that people are giving up one of their most precious possessions — time — in exchange for their looks. The survey asked more than 2,000 adults and 200 teenagers over the age of 16 how much attention they dedicate to their appearance, and its effect on their daily lives.


The study found that women spend 335 hours, or two weeks, on their hair and makeup per year, which equates to about 55 minutes a day. However, the study also dug into deeper issues, like women and teens perceiving themselves in a negative light.


For example, 60 percent of women and a whopping 78 percent of teen girls have something bad to say about their looks. Although it seems that females were the focal point of the study, men were also polled — but came in with lower numbers at 36 percent.”


After reading these not so surprising statistics (thank you media for the false representation of real women), we decided to set a few thing straight…


55 Minutes a day is pretty normal – think about – you shower, brush your teeth, your hair, pick out your outfit, your accessories, dry and style your hair, put on your makeup – on average, this sounds right.


HOWEVER, if you are spending MUCH more time on yourself, you’re going to need to scale it back sista’! There’s a whole world to explore and the more “vanity” time spent on yourself prevents you from using that time to do SO MUCH MORE.


If you’re spending more time on yourself than the average above statistic then it’s more likely because of one of two things:

1) You’re having a very indecisive day

2) You’re spending an insurmountable amount of time on trying to hide the negatives


How to Cure #1: We all have these indecisive days – sometimes our wardrobe just, well, sucks. But if you are doing this on a daily basis, then you’re going to have to implement the 80/20 rule and move on! Here’s the thing, sometimes the look you’re going for isn’t perfect, but if you can at least decide that you’re happy with 80% of it, then just go with it and continue with your day. Don’t let that other indecisive 20% rob you of your time.


How to Cure #2: Instead of spending time hiding your perceived “negatives” – concentrate instead on playing up your positives. Don’t say you don’t have any – that isn’t true! Ask a few people you trust what they like about your face, your hands and your hair – then play those features up girlfriend! For instance, I’ve never been a huge fan of my nose but I’ve got killer lashes and a smooth neck, so I concentrate instead on drawing attention to my eyes and adorn myself with a kick-butt necklace.


If I can do it, you can do it ;)! Now I suggest you put down that hair brush and get going on exploring that big ‘ol world out there!


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7 Easy Habits to Get Bikini Ready

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7 Easy Habits to Get Bikini Ready


Diet pills and fad diets are lame – Why? Because they don’t work! If you train your mind and your body to be “bikini ready” year round, you won’t even have to worry about those rollercoaster saboteurs. All you got to do is slightly ‘tweak’ your daily habits and revamp those rituals. By doing so, you’ll have a new lease on your relationship with food as well as a happier, healthier and feistier YOU. So implement these 7 tweaks now and in no time you’ll be embracing those tan lines…


1)      Drink more water: Plenty of people confuse hunger with dehydration. Keeping your water bottle full all day long will help you keep guzzling the good stuff and steer clear of unnecessary snacking. Bored with water? Add some natural fruit to infuse the water to give your taste buds some flavor. Check out this website for some great concoctions!


2)      Get moving: Forget the old wives’ tale that exercise brings your appetite on heavy — it actually decreases your appetite. Just another reason to squeeze in a workout!


3)      Don’t skip breakfast: Hopefully you’re well versed on the benefits a solid breakfast brings to the table, but if you’re not aware, skipping will actually throw off your whole day – prolonging those calories to be burned! Getting your metabolism moving earlier will help keep you filled longer.


4)      Protein is your friend: Protein helps you sustain energy and feel awake and ready to conquer the tasks at hand. At every meal and snack, try to incorporate some form of protein – you’ll stay fuller longer. Plus, make sure you keep the serving to about the palm of your hand. Too much of anything can propel you in the wrong direction.


5)      Replace that mid-afternoon snack with tea: Give your after-meal snacking habit a healthy face-lift. A tasty cup of hot tea will help satisfy your perceived hunger and keep you feeling full.


6)      Get honest: Do you constantly snack when you’re bored or stressed? You’re only doing your beautiful bod injustice. Learn how to stop stress eating for good today.


7)      Eat more regularly: One or two big meals all day is a recipe for disaster. Eating smaller meals more regularly will kick your crazy cravings to the curb.


Once you’ve adapted these habits, get your skin beautified at Feisty Girl Camp! – A two hour session filled with lessons in skin care, makeup application and much more! You’ll be glowing with beauty, confidence and knowledge as well as have the right tools for all your future daily beauty routines.




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